Welcome to Al's Quackery!

Check out the "For Sale" page for babies, juveniles, and adults available this fall/winter 2019

Breeds at the Quackery

Ancona Ducks


Call Ducks

Blue (with black leakage) call hen

Silkie Ducks - SELLING THE FLOCK (check out the sales page for remaining birds for sale)

Blue Homozygous Silkie Hen

Muscovy Ducks

Lilac Barred muscovy hens

Sebastopol Geese

Lavender seb goose

Mini Sebastopol Geese

Saddleback Mini Seb goose

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To keep our flocks safe and healthy, no farm visits are allowed. Please send an email or message for an appointment as we do allow pick ups off the farm for local customers.

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