Standard Sebastopols

These curly feathered beauties are a wonderful backyard goose as they are gorgeous to look at and tend to be very calm natured. They are fairly quiet and love to forage. They do not fly. Fertility in my sebastopols has been very high and they do well as broody mothers. They lay anywhere from 6 to roughly 20 eggs per goose each season. They are a medium sized goose and weight 12-16 pounds each.

Mini Sebastopols

These are a smaller version of the Sebastopols. They are give or take, half the size and lay fewer eggs. They are good broodies and excellent foragers as well. They are calm, quiet than most breeds and overall very fun to have! They lay 4 to 10 eggs each goose per season so I do not hatch many of this breed.
I am currently working on building my flock and working towards producing more curlier offspring. These are a work in progress so please keep that in mind when offered up for sale. Most available will be my culls which means they are larger in size, lack curl, lack color, etc. They can still be used for breeding or simply kept as pets but do not make the cut for my breeding flocks as I work towards, small, curly, colorful mini sebs!