Bantam Ducks


Call Ducks

I specialize in non-recognized ancona and pied patterns. Ancona is not a recognized pattern so they generally go by the term "Mis-marked Magpie" or "Harlequin". As with the Ancona ducks, I prefer ducks with multiple, asymmetrical, smaller spots over the larger patches of color.
I breed ancona calls in black, blue, chocolate, lilac and silver.

Crested Call Ducks

I am working on crested calls in the colors and patterns I personally like. Availability of these is limited until I can get a larger flock of productive and proven crested calls. Their crest size varies from a small patch of fluff to a large poof. They can be centered on the head or lopsided off the side of their head. Lots of variation with this gene!

Silkie Ducks

Silkie ducks can have silkie feathers (homozygous), or they can be carriers that have normal feathering (heterozygous). I am working on black and blue pied and ancona patterned silkies.
They are timid and skittish and can fly. They are slightly larger than call ducks and tend to have longer bodies and bills.

Breeding Traits

Color and pattern (I love spots and speckles as well as fun colors)

Quality (I am slowly working towards a higher quality flock with smaller bodies, rounder heads, and shorter bills.) 

Temperament (I strive for friendly and calm temperaments since these are mainly a pet breed.)