Shipping & Terms

Shipping prices are determined by zip code, how many birds and boxes are needed (some boxes can be taped together and shipped that way) and the weight of birds shipped. I include the cost of the shipping box in the shipping price.
Birds will all be sent EXPRESS, no exceptions. This is overnight to most locations but some will take 2 days.
Eggs are all sent priority. If you want to pay the extra to have them sent express, please let me know before invoice is sent.

All are shipped from our farm in Southern Maine. Eggs and birds can be shipped to any state except for Hawaii. 



Eggs are collected fresh and only clean eggs sold. I do not sell eggs over 3 days old for hatching as age can decrease your fertility rates.
Each egg is wrapped individually and carefully packaged to ensure a safe trip. I always include extras to account for any that may break or crack during the shipping process (this is rare as I package them so well). I cannot be held responsible for the way they are handled once they leave my hands. The Post Office has been known to be a bit rough at times, so buyers have the option to have eggs insured before I send them (this is an additional $2-5 depending on how many. Priority shipping is automatically insured for $50 but many orders are worth more than that).
I give a few options when sending eggs:
1. I can send them through the US Post Office (generally the cheapest way), or I can send them through a private company (UPS or FEDEX). Other companies are sometimes less rough, however, the cost is generally a bit higher. Priority is my default method so you must let me know BEFORE shipping if another method is preferred.
2. I only mark the outside of the box as "FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP". From previous experiences, I have found that unmarked boxes go through the shipping process much better than marked ones. Boxes marked "Hatching Eggs" or "caution, live embryos" sometimes draw negative attention to them. I also do not hold for pick up unless you ask for this option before I ship.



Babies, juveniles, and adults I ship year round as long as the weather is decent on both ends. I will not ship if below 30 degrees or above 90 degrees for the safety of the birds.

For babies there may be a shipping minimum to ensure they can stay warm during shipping so please inquire if interested. 

All birds are shipped with an adequate food source to help stay hydrated during shipping.

All express shipments are insured for up to $100. If you would like to request additional insurance please notify me before final payment so it can be added to your total.

Most express shipments are overnight but some locations will take up to 2 days for delivery. A phone number is required for all live shipments as you will be called upon arrival and need to pick your birds up at your local post office. They will NOT be delivered to your door.

PLEASE INQUIRE BY EMAIL IF YOU WANT/NEED BIRDS SHIPPED. I calculate shipping based on weight and destination to help keep prices as low as possible for the buyer. USPS is currently the only company that will ship live birds so all are shipped that way. I have them shipped to your nearest Post Office where they will call you upon arrival so you can pick your birds up directly instead of chancing you not being home.

All of my Flocks are NPIP certified.

Please keep in mind that shipping of live birds and eggs are a huge risk. I do all that I can in my power to help them travel safely (package eggs well enough so they shouldn't break if box is dropped, ship birds with a source of food/hydration). But once they leave my hands, I cannot control what happens to them or how well or roughly they get handled. NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS will be issued for any reason, however, I will do my best to help file an insurance claim through the PO, or work with you to try to come to a reasonable fix. * I want all of my customers to have a pleasant buying experience and to be happy with the birds or eggs that they purchase!

*please note that they will not always issue a refund. It depends on the shipment and individual situation*

For the 2019 season, deposits and full order payments will only be accepted as postal money orders. Deposits are to be $50 regardless of the size of order and will go towards the full cost of your order. Once total is determined I ask for balance of payment to be made as a postal money order and paid before I can ship.

CASH and BANK CHECKS/ POSTAL MONEY ORDERS are accepted if picking up locally. Last minute orders or if you want items/birds shipped promptly, I can send an invoice and payment can be made via PayPal. I no longer accept PayPal as "friends and family". PayPal fees will be listed on the invoice as "handling fees". NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

Also, if you have scheduled to pick up birds/eggs and do not show up at your designated time or do not call/email me to change it, then birds/eggs will be re-listed for sale. I do not have time for no-shows and time wasters! Everything listed is first come first serve. Thanks for understanding!