What do we sell?

Hatching Eggs


All eggs are tested for fertility weekly. Feel free to inquire for current fertility rate at time of ordering



Ducklings and goslings, minimum of 3 days old to ensure all are healthy and eating and drinking before shipped



Allows fewer to be shipped at a time as they are grown enough to stay warm alone during shipping

Breeds and Price List for 2019

Below is the list for the breeds offered for the 2019 season. Prices for eggs, babies, juveniles and adults are listed for most. But please understand that not all can be determined ahead of time. Some breeds will have a very limited availability this year as we downsized to get ready for a new poultry barn. Some breeds are only offered as first come first serve and will be posted on the Al's Quackery Facebook page when they become available.

Scroll through pictures below for current available birds. I will update as often as I can but availability will fluctuate throughout the year. Feel free to send an email or message if you have any questions or don't see what you are looking for. 

USPS increased prices on large boxes in June 2019. SO please keep in mind that shipping adults from now on will be very pricey. I do have boxes and still can ship, but shipping costs will likely outweigh bird cost.